Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas
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Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

Desires for change, innovations and organization at the top? Want to start off on the right foot? Look no further: revamp and redesign your kitchen. The kitchen is an essential part of our daily life because we spend an average of 1 to 2 hours a day on weekdays, and more on weekends. All the more reason to feel good there. With a reduced budget and a well thought out layout, you will have the impression that you are leaving on top! Follow our advice to revamp and furnish a kitchen.

Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

For a boost, repaint your furniture

A painting adapted to your needs

You have the choice between several types of paint:

  • The renovation paint which can be applied on laminated, painted or varnished wood. In addition, it is resistant to stains and cleaning products and it is simple to apply.
  • The special acrylic paint melamine and laminate.
  • The oil-based paint with a lacquered finish. It is suitable for cooking because it is resistant to humidity, but it still has several disadvantages: the smell is strong, the drying time is long. In addition, its application is quite difficult to obtain a niquel rendering.
  • The resin , ultra-protective, which is applied to paint when dry, for a matt, lacquered or even metallized finish.

Then choose the finished aspect of the painting: matt , glossy or satin .

Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

The right color for “your” kitchen

  • Better take your time to choose the new color of your kitchen furniture. Follow the trends, why not, but no question of starting again in 6 months because the color does not please you anymore.
  • The surface of the kitchen is an important element to take into account because a small kitchen painted in white or cream will always appear larger than a black or navy blue kitchen.
  • The type of furniture: classic, rustic, modern or vintage … Whether you want to change your style or refresh an aging kitchen, the choice of color is essential.

Some ways to easily revamp a kitchen

  • White, a timeless color, is a sure bet in a kitchen. Because white gives a chic side, whatever the style of your furniture.
  • Black, resolutely modern, is a good choice, especially if your room is large and bright enough. Unlike a small kitchen whose volumes will be crushed by black.
  • Gray, a timeless color in all its nuances, is a good choice and adapts to everything. A light gray brings sobriety and modernity. As a slate gray is ideal in an industrial style kitchen.
  • Blue is always on trend and adapts to all styles. A light blue blends perfectly with wooden furniture for a “sea side” atmosphere. A navy blue sublimates contemporary cuisine and a pastel blue gives a vintage and retro touch to your furniture.
  • Green, but in a soft shade, forms a beautiful association with raw materials such as stone or wood.

Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

Good preparation for a quality site

On the practical side, for your makeover to be successful, it is necessary to respect some rules.

  1. Protect the floor, keep it clean with newspapers or tarpaulins.
  2. Check the condition of the furniture to be repainted, fill in the holes if necessary, then sand with fine-grained sandpaper.
  3. If the old paint flakes off, scrape it off then sand it with a fine grain and then a medium grain.
  4. Clean the furniture well with a Saint-Marc detergent and let it dry.
  5. Then sand them with a fine-grained sandpaper for good adhesion of the paint.
  6. Unscrew the handles of the doors and drawers.
  7. Once all these steps are completed, it’s time to move on to painting.

The application of paint: care and method

The undercoat.

  1. It is best to apply an undercoat for good adhesion of the paint.
  2. It is applied first with a brush, then spreads in a thin layer with a roller. Respect the drying time and then apply a second coat.


  1. Mix the paint so that it is well bonded.
  2. Apply masking tape at the junction of furniture and walls.
  3. Start the application in the corners of furniture with a round brush and continue with a roller on the facades.
  4. Work in small areas by painting from top to bottom, but crossing the passes from left to right, and smoothing from top to bottom. Then leave to dry for the time indicated on the pots (24 hours on average), then apply a second coat.

Little extras

  • For metamorphosed kitchen furniture, replace the handles of cupboard doors and drawers.
  • Put a new credenza on the wall. In tiles, laminate, stainless steel, glass or steel, you will necessarily find the one that suits you.
  • If your worktop has aged badly, cover it with laminate or with a sheet of zinc for an industrial-style decor.

Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

To arrange a kitchen: sort, throw away and put away

[ 19459006] Optimized sorting

  • Take all your kitchen utensils out of the cupboards to inspect them and sort them out better.
  • Put aside anything that is damaged or too old and put it in a recycling center.
  • Give the utensils you do not use and remove duplicates.
  • Put aside utensils and household robots that serve you regularly. The rest can be stored for occasional use.

Organized and well thought out storage

  • Sort objects by and precisely determine their locations: regular household robots on the map or in an accessible closet.
  • Dedicate each drawer to a specific theme: pots, cutlery, plates, dishes etc. This saves time.
  • Pans, frying pans and frying pans in a drawer close to the stove, or suspended.
  • Wooden spoons, knives and ladles hung on a hanging bar, stored in a drawer or in a pot.

Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

Simplified everyday use

  • The easiest way is to install themed shelves on the wall if you have few closets.
  • Choose the suspension bars that make life easier. To be fixed above the work surface or the hob.
  • Do not hesitate to install drawer dividers that allow you to find in the blink of an eye, the utensil you need.
  • Think of blockers, to install in large drawers and which simplify the storage of dishes, lids and plates.
  • Don’t forget the hooks, which are good allies for hanging light utensils, tea towels and even coffee cups.
  • Choose a compartmentalized spice rack, which fixed inside a cupboard or on the wall, allows you to immediately find the desired small pot when you cook.
  • Divert lockers for vertical storage, a good alternative to stacking plates or cutting boards.
  • A good idea to avoid pulling your hair out with packaging boxes all of different sizes: plastic jars and boxes. To use without moderation, for the decorative side and practical at the same time.

Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

Revamp and design a kitchen: tips and ideas

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