Room spongebob
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Room spongebob

Room spongebob

SpongeBob Room

A SpongeBob room to delight your children! Blue, yellow and of course pineapple!

The floor and the walls

The floor is white resin for ease of maintenance. The walls have been painted in yellow and blue with a washable paint.

Furniture and accessories

The wooden bed was dressed with a duvet “Sponge Bob” with a big plush in his effigy. Pineapple stickers have been stuck on the wall and a big clock “bob” throne above the bed. The furniture (wardrobe, dresser and bedside) have been repainted in blue and yellow to stick to the spirit of the room. Some round carpets, yellow and blue, were distributed on the ground to energize all and break with the vertical lines of the room. Finally, two balls chandeliers, yellow and blue, come to light this child’s room, fan of Spongebob.

Here is a colorful room with the effigy of the favorite hero of children!

Room spongebob

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