Scandinavian decor an up-to-date home decor trend
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Scandinavian decor an up-to-date home decor trend

Scandinavian decor settles in our French interiors. Impressed by sobriety, clean lines, neutral colors and natural materials, Nordic decoration meets our need to find at home a serene and cozy cocoon far from the bustle and external stress. Moreover, the big brands of home decoration follow this trend and offer us furniture and decorative items inspired by Scandinavian interiors.

Updated on 30 10/2015

Scandinavian decor for a warm house

Scandinavian decor an up-to-date home decor trend [19459010 ]

To decipher the Scandinavian decor, it suffices to analyze the way of life, the climatic constraints and the environmental riches of its countries of origin. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden are countries of extreme cold where the nights are very long and in which the forests of noble wood species cover large areas. Besides, these countries are the biggest defenders of ecology in Europe.

From this cocktail of constraints and philosophy of life emerges a style of home decor where there is a warm, friendly, natural and bright atmosphere. This is why white dominates and often from floor to ceiling.

And the Scandinavian decor is all the easier to live with because it lends itself to all rooms in the house. A living room, a bedroom, a Scandinavian kitchen , you can decline this decorative atmosphere at will.

The furniture and decoration accessories with simple and refined lines are above all in light wood, soft materials to accentuate the tranquility of the place and artificial light is subtly worked to exploit all the spaces of the house.

Priority is given to soft and indirect lighting in all its forms, lamps to ask, light suspensions, light garlands are multiplying without limit to liven up the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, the office and of course the entrance to the house.

The rules for adopting a Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian decor an up-to-date home decor trend

As for Scandinavian decor paint , it is authenticity and warmth that mark the Scandinavian-inspired decor. So for the color of the walls bet on a white paint , but not pure white, too cold, prefer the warmer nuanced whites.

On the furniture side, the Scandinavian decor is marked by useful furniture, so no small bulky furniture and no essential function. For the color of the furniture, choose light, almost raw or blond wood furniture that you can easily find at major furniture brands. Another idea not to part with your favorite wooden sideboard, dresser, table or bedside table is to strip it. Then skating a piece of furniture , waxing it, or using a bleached wood effect paint is a breeze. If you prefer to paint your furniture in white, do not overdo it at the risk of creating a sanitized atmosphere, only one white furniture per room will do the trick.
Do not hesitate to place a piece of furniture with a sleek design and assertive lines in a more intense color of wood, it will take on its full dimension in a room where white dominates.
If you own or find a piece of furniture with unusual functions or lines, place it prominently in your room and it will become a major piece in your Scandinavian decor.
A chair, a design armchair, a coffee table, a table lamp in materials such as stainless steel, altuglas or glass will bring a contemporary note to the whole.
Scandinavian decor an up-to-date home decor trend

In terms of flooring, parquet is of course the king of coverings for a Scandinavian decor. If you are lucky enough to have white parquet in your main rooms it is great, otherwise it will be whitewashed, painted white or white ceruser will be perfect.

The tiled floor is not very compatible to reproduce the warm and intimate atmosphere with the style of a Scandinavian decor suggests. If you cannot change it or cover it with floating parquet, make it invisible by multiplying the carpets on the floor. A plain carpet in wool, a carpet with long pile, another in faux skin or imitation fur will have the upper hand on the tiles.

On the fabric side, cushions and throws in cotton, linen or wool are scattered on the sofa, armchairs and bed to accentuate the real impression cocoon in plain fabrics but also woven with striped or geometric patterns.

In terms of Scandinavian decor colors , if the walls and floors are dressed in white, the fabrics, small accessories and dishes allow the color, even the bright colors that are available in light touches. So do not hesitate to punctuate your decor with touches of green, yellow, orange, blue or red.

Mixed side of decorative styles to be as close as possible to the Scandinavian decorative spirit, combine the natural, artisanal, contemporary and vintage decorative style as suggested for example Ikea [ 19459010]

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Scandinavian decor an up-to-date home decor trend

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