• The door: decorative and protective architectural element
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    The door: decorative and protective architectural element

    In architectural language, a door is a structure within a wall, which allows entering or leaving a place or a room. In everyday language, a door means a movable joinery that allows to close a passage, or a piece of furniture. The functions of the door: The door fulfills several functions: – Protection against offenses The door protects the inside of animals and men. – Thermal insulation The door fulfills a role of thermal insulation that keeps the heat of the home. – The border The door marks a boundary between the inside and the outside and separates the private domain from the public domain. – Organization of spaces The…

  • Architectural UFO
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    Architectural UFO

    Directed by architect Frank O. Gehry, the Hotel Marques De Riscal ( http://www.starwoodhotels.com ) combines modern and visionary architecture with the medieval village landscape. It is also in the center of a wine region called the “wine city”. Its metallic structure is reminiscent of a vine. It is constructed with corrugated titanium panels, whose colors present a bottle of wine: gold for the cap, silver for the capsule and dark red for the liquid. If the hotel is built with hard materials outside, the interior is very comfortable with 43 cozy rooms. Like the wine dress, the rooms are adorned with red and iced brown. Everywhere, high-tech! Bang & Olufsen…