• When music meets decor, design, fashion and architecture: A meeting without a false note!
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    When music meets decor, design, fashion and architecture: A meeting without a false note!

    Share Record +1 The music is everywhere. She listens to herself, but she sees herself too. It inspires designers, architects and decorators for the pleasure of the eyes and ears. Beautiful and astonishing examples: (Photo Credit: http://www.gardenornamentsandaccessories.com Wooden Piano Design Wine Rack 12 Bottle 4 Glass Holder) (Photo Credit: http://fashionstyles2011.blogspot.com Piano Heels Shoes Design Collection) (Photo credit: http://www.zazzle.co.uk Piano Mug) (Photo Credit: http://designlike.com The Piano House, An Hui Province (China)) (Photo credit: http://www.designbuzz.com/ Hydra PianoModern design) (Photo credit: http://www.yamaha.com/index.html) (Photo credit: http://www.kylebean.co.uk/ paper instruments by Kyle Bean) (Photo credit: http://nikazupanc.com/Homework Chair by Nika Zupanc) (Photo credit: http://www.frforzieri.com/ guitar backpack) (Photo credit: http://drim-isen.blogspot.com mp3 player by Yong-Seong Kim) (Photo credit: http://www.rocketdesign.it…

  • The troglodyte house: an architecture at the heart of nature

    The troglodyte house: an architecture at the heart of nature

    Definition Troglodyte is a masculine name for a man, a community or animals living in a cave, or a house dug in the rock or leaning on natural faults or caves in the cliffs. It is commonly said that a man is a troglodyte while his dwelling is troglodyte. A troglodyte dwelling was built by men in the rock. Ecological, it still exists in France but also abroad. Houses of exceptional charm and astonishing architecture, they are furnished and decorated with as much care as a so-called ‘traditional’ dwelling. Thus, entire cities (houses, churches, etc …) were built in the rock. The troglodyte trend Real current trend, these homes bring…

  • Spectacular architecture in the heart of nature

    Spectacular architecture in the heart of nature

    The architect Daniel Libeskind was contacted by a couple very interested in the world of art. The latter wanted a country house with the basic principle: build a house with extreme architecture that fits the landscape. The house consists of a spiral ribbon of 18 spaces, defined by 36 points connected by 54 lines. The house has pure and dynamic forms. The spaces are perfectly defined and offer a view of the landscape both near and far. The bay windows blend into the ribbon. Circulations, kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms, are fluid and also offer a contrast between indoor and outdoor space. Another view of the house that…

  • Original architecture: unusual homes
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    Original architecture: unusual homes

    You are tired of conventional housing and you dream of houses of character, original, houses of architects or unusual, I propose today a small selection of beautiful homes. Norfolk, Virginia (http://bluepueblo.tumblr.com/post/16664189013/treehouse-norfolk-virginia-photo-via-shepard) The HemLoft (http://www.thehemloft.com/#.T5BZi6cVJu1.pinterest) Victorian house ( http://evysinspirations.tumblr.com/post/7757860247 ) Bialka Tatrzanska, the Tatra Mountains ( http://webecoist.momtastic.com/2011/12/09/fairytale-abodes-15-tiny-storybook-cottages/ ) Art Nouveau, Antwerp ( http://simplyarc.tumblr.com/post/7878336985/art-new-architecture-in-antwerp-by-fabrye ) Part ship, part treehouse ( http://pixiewinksfairywhispers.tumblr.com/post/17469488968/i-wanna-start-my-childhood-all-over-again-in-this ) Izola Social Housing by OFIS arhitekti ( http://www.archdaily.com/3245/izola-social-housing-ofis-arhitekti/962781647_social-housing-on-the-coast-14-photo-tomaz-gregoric/ ) Circle house (http://themoonschild.blogspot.com/) Skim Milk: House in Abiko by Fuse-Atelier ( http://design-milk.com/skim-milk-house-in-abiko-by-fuse-atelier/ ) Chemosphere House – John Lautner, Los Angeles, CA ( http://www.dailyicon.net/2009/01/icon-john-lautners-chemosphere-house/ ) Under-house pool (http://pinterest.com/pin/1552946/) ( http://www.facebook.com/ArchiElis/photos_stream#!/ArchiElis/photos_stream ) ( http://www.facebook.com/ArchiElis/photos_stream#!/ArchiElis/photos_stream ) ( http://quebuenoesvivir.tumblr.com/ ) (Http://www.okclips.com/pictures/Fantastic-And-Wonderful-Fantasy-Houses-26706/) (Http://bluepueblo.tumblr.com/) Normandy cottage style.…

  • Digital architecture: when architecture and photography marry
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    Digital architecture: when architecture and photography marry

    The architecture reviewed and corrected by the photographer Victor Enrich. The self-taught artist has chosen architectural elements to apply digital retouching techniques using 3D rendering. Thus, the photographer reaches photorealism, by observing details, understanding volumes, lights and sounds, inspiration and patience. It transforms the urban landscape and changes the reality of what we usually perceive. Between reality and illusion! Here is a presentation of some of his work: (Source: http://www.victorenrich.com )