• Mountain chalet atmosphere
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    Mountain chalet atmosphere

    Pretty wooden houses in the mountains, the cottage is decorated with as much care as a building house more masonry. The warm and natural materials are however preferred to keep the charm of these homes. These wooden constructions are warm and authentic. The decoration must be as much by favoring natural materials such as wood and introducing textiles or skins to warm the atmosphere especially in winter. The walls are covered with paneling, parquet flooring, stone fireplace and colors oscillate between brown and linen, all smooth. But decorating with a chalet atmosphere does not necessarily mean furnishing and with antique furniture. You can play the modern card with more contemporary…

  • Bohemian atmosphere in the living room
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    Bohemian atmosphere in the living room

    Color, comfort, an invitation to travel and dream. This is the Bohemian style, both cheerful and sweet. To be used in the living room for a light and welcoming atmosphere. Atmosphere borrows nostalgia or an invitation to travel, still is that bohemian style is colorful, multiple styles, with patterns, patchworks, light garlands, cushions … So many pretty things that make us dream, carry us in another world, that of the nomadic world, all in gentleness and cheerfulness. Here are some ideas for Bohemian living rooms: (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/313140980321346703/“> (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/574420127455022193/“> (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/440297301050561428/“> (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/36310340716549699/“> (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/72268768999801841/“>

  • Bohemian atmosphere in the room
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    Bohemian atmosphere in the room

    Inspired by the nomadic world, the Bohemian style transports you on a journey. It consists of natural materials, patterns and vibrant colors where carpets and drapes invite themselves into the decor. A true invitation to travel and relax, the bohemian style is perfect for rooms such as living room or bedroom. For the latter, rely on vibrant colors on walls as well as furniture, as well as bed linen. You can decorate with objects that you have brought back from your travels by arranging them on furniture. Embellish cushions, lamps and lanterns to create an intimate and festive atmosphere. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AR92HNTLt5mcQz-614YMQFiRlWAtJrNjQ6M-9O49Zt5tPwviAz5aq9U/ ) Patterns can be mixed, from light floral…

  • Zen atmosphere in the bathroom
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    Zen atmosphere in the bathroom

    Share 100 100 +1 Inspired by a minimalist and refined style, the Zen bathroom adopts a style that is both natural and soothing. Small or large, the Zen bathroom offers rest, relaxation and dreams in a relaxing and natural setting. Neutral colors are at the rendezvous whether it is painting, tiling or towels. Other colors evoke nature such as green, blue, yellow and brown tones. The furniture is low to clear the walls and offer visual space and wood is preferred. The lighting is soft and the stone and the plants are welcome. The decor is natural, sober and refined even minimalist with a calm and serene atmosphere to invite…

  • "Hygge" atmosphere in the interiors
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    "Hygge" atmosphere in the interiors

    “Hygge” is a Danish philosophy. These are all the little moments of happiness, a feeling of well-being, warm when it’s cold outside, or watching a sunset. In short, comfort, confidence and gentleness. And if you decorate your home according to these principles? True philosophy of life, the “Hygge” includes sweetness of life, confidence and comfort to make you the happiest in the world. We snuggle warm under a plaid with hot chocolate while it’s raining and cold outside, and we take the time to observe the beauties of nature through the window like a beautiful sunset. You can decorate your home so that you feel good. Make room and avoid…

  • Salons with a Moroccan atmosphere
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    Salons with a Moroccan atmosphere

    Share 12 12 +1 An invitation to travel, a touch of exoticism, colors and materials rich in colors and textures, the Moroccan style is chic in the living rooms. Get inspired by Moroccan design by combining it with contemporary style. Loan of history, the Moroccan style is rich. It evokes the sun, is inspired by Moorish influences while creating in the tradition. It integrates very well with simple and pure decorations or in the typical Moroccan living room, but also with more contemporary decorations. The objects, materials or patterns are used with care to bring a real added value to the atmosphere of your living room, with touches and lightness…

  • Jungle atmosphere in the bathroom!
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    Jungle atmosphere in the bathroom!

    Do you like plants ? Install them in the bathroom! Today the water features are decorated in an atmosphere abounding with jungle style vegetation to transport you elsewhere the time of your toilet in the heart of nature. If you like plants, the bathroom is an ideal room to install them. With moisture and natural light, the vegetation will be at its best. You can install some pots here and there, create a green wall, arrange them on a shelf, near a window. Decorative, they will bring a touch of nature and freshness in your room of water and will be able to lend itself to all the styles that…

  • How to create a cocooning atmosphere?
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    How to create a cocooning atmosphere?

    3 Share 3 10K 10K +1 Natural materials, warm ground, light and pastel colors, and comfortable and welcoming decorating accessories are the main elements to create a cocooning atmosphere in your home. Natural materials are favored, for example by betting on wood in order to warm the soil. Choose raw wood materials or floating floors and add shaggy carpets, or install soft, thick carpet. (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/509891989047252028/ ) Neutrality or pastel shades are used to maintain a soothing and soft atmosphere. Bright colors are to be avoided so as not to attract the eye. Pastel and pale green blues will blend in harmony with gray or beige tones. (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/102456960252799146/ )…