• DIY: make table lamps with glasses and candles
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    DIY: make table lamps with glasses and candles

    A little imagination, creativity, stemware, candles, scrapbook paper and double-sided tape. Here are the ingredients to make pretty table lamps very chic and very deco! It’s the Wednesday DIY! To make your table chic, use footed glasses in which you will slip a tealight candle or LED candles, as you wish. , source : http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/crafts/candle-lampshade-craft . Vous les assemblerez avec votre adhésif double face. Vous aurez réalisé facilement de jolies lampes de table. C’est le DIY du mercredi ! Choose paper with the patterns you like and cut out your shapes (template: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/cm/goodhousekeeping/data/ghk-candle-lampshade-template-0511.pdf , source: http: // www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/crafts/candle-lampshade-craft You will assemble them with your double-sided tape, you will have easily…

  • DIY: make a center of tables with glasses and candles
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    DIY: make a center of tables with glasses and candles

    Christmas is fast approaching and you want to set up a pretty table for the holidays. Create your centerpiece yourself with stemware and candles! To make your centerpiece, you will need: – a plate (classic or decorated cardboard, here I chose to dress a porcelain plate) – gift wrap – scissors – Scotch – 3 glasses with transparent feet – 3 colorful garlands – 3 Christmas balls – 3 candles (photo: copyright ) Start by decorating your plate by wrapping it with gift wrap: (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) You can then arrange your glasses on the plate: (photo: copyright…