• Portrait in brief: Jennifer Maestre sculptor of colored pencils
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    Portrait in brief: Jennifer Maestre sculptor of colored pencils

    Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, artist Jennifer Maestre is based in Massachusetts, where she is internationally known for her unique, unique and colorful pencil sculptures. For her creations, she is inspired by the shape and function of the sea urchin and reproduces the texture of the thorns by cutting her pencils to the extreme. Thus, his sculptures have a soft side and another very sharp side. His works play with texture, colors and shapes. Here are some of his accomplishments: ) (Source and photographs Jennifer Maestre: http://www.jennifermaestre.com )

  • Dare the two-colored curtains!
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    Dare the two-colored curtains!

    Want to change the decor for your curtains? What if you pot for the two-color? In neutral tones or bright colors, it’s up to you to find yours! United with a small color edging, a strip of different colors at the top or bottom, striped or patterned, or with two curtains assembled, the curtains wake up your windows to create a graphic effect. For all styles and desires, curtains choose to finish with plain to brighten openings for windows or closets. It’s up to you to choose yours! Home-made burlap and woolen curtains, find out more at http://www.cotemaison.fr/family-house/diaporama/a-labour-labour_campaign_9212.html?p=6#uu5aYQlTYw0chAGQ.99 ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/456482112202822838/ ) , en savoir plus sur http://www.3suisses.fr/maison/rideaux/rideau-oeillets-tricolore-pur-coton-tectonic-R20017302 ) (source:…

  • Pastel-colored decorations
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    Pastel-colored decorations

    Share 9 9 +1 As spring approaches, bring color to your interior, but gently. Pastel shades blend into the white background with pale pinks and blues, greens and yellows. For all those who dream of softness, think of pastel colors. On walls, furniture or decorative accessories, these touches of soothing and cheerful colors will bring a light and joyful atmosphere into your home to create a bright and soothing interior. You can use a single shade of color by installing a colored armchair or mixing several colors to create a more lively atmosphere. Use without moderation but with care for light, subtle and delicate decorations. Some ideas : (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/409475791104019313/…