• Decorating idea: black living room and bricks
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    Decorating idea: black living room and bricks

    This black and white living room fits into a brick and stone decor. The black and wood tones were chosen by taking inspiration from the stove installed in the room. Black and white curtains were installed on the windows in accordance with the corner sofa. The latter was not installed along a wall, but slanted in front of the window. The coffee table was chosen white in the shape of a pebble to remind the pebble table placed above the console. Small black candles have been installed to contrast with the white of the console. A large black carpet was placed on the floor and a large black chandelier illuminates…

  • Decorating idea: the Piaf living room
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    Decorating idea: the Piaf living room

    This show was inspired by the great singer Edith Piaf. The floor is a vitrified floor on which has been arranged a large beige carpet. The windows were clad in white and beige curtains, surrounding a fireplace. Above this, a portrait of Edith Piaf was hung. The central element of the piece is the piano, on which a vase with white roses has been arranged. A meridian taupe allows to rest. Finally, for the final touch, a white feathered chandelier was hung in the center of the room, and a small birdcage is reminiscent of Piaf’s golden voice. Sweetness and nostalgia for this Piaf lounge.

  • Decorating idea: a stay, wood and white
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    Decorating idea: a stay, wood and white

    For a stay all in softness, all of wood and white dressed. Here is a very cozy and very natural atmosphere for a bright stay: (decor © ) The gray waxed concrete floor was covered with a large cream carpet on which rests a solid wood table. A large buffet was installed on the back wall of the room. Above, a large mirror was installed, surrounded by two fairly large lamps with white lampshades, creating a symmetry. Finally, a large white chandelier was installed above the table in the center of the room. This living room plays with the nuances of white, beige and wood for a dining room soft,…

  • Decorating idea: a little girl's room, pink of course!
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    Decorating idea: a little girl's room, pink of course!

    The floor is covered with a floor on which rests a cowhide rug dyed in candy pink. The walls have been painted in beige, except the wall with the bed. The latter was chosen in beige wood and plum velvet for the chic and “princess” side. Two beige and pink velvet armchairs complete the decor. Mademoiselle will be able to receive her friends. A large triptych painting was hung on the wall containing the bed. A pink metal wall lamp was placed above the headboard. An office was created under the window overlooking the garden. Finally, a chandelier, pink, of course, was installed in the center of the room for…

  • Decorating idea: a chic and modern wooden kitchen
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    Decorating idea: a chic and modern wooden kitchen

    The floor is covered with a dark gray resin. The walls were painted gray as well and the ceiling was painted in darker anthracite gray to create a more cozy contrast and ambiance. The kitchen furniture is solid wood with a gray worktop. A central island has been created with the cooktop. Recessed spots illuminate the passageways and suspensions have been installed above the cooktop and above the bar. Finally, to bring a little sweetness to the room, a top element of the kitchen was chosen in white, above the sink, to light the kitchen. For the decorative aspect, a large wooden board of the same essence as the furniture…

  • 5 decorating ideas for Halloween
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    5 decorating ideas for Halloween

    Share 74 74 +1 You want to create a little decoration for your own Halloween, do not hesitate! There are multitudes of ideas to create simple decorations to achieve. Here are 5 creative ideas: ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/60235713741291590/ ) ) (see the tutorial: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/60235713741238866/“> see the tutorial: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/60235713736824035/“> ) (source: http://www.sunset.com/home/weekend-projects/make-black-cat-o-lanterns“>

  • Decorating offices
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    Decorating offices

    Share Record +1 Back home, the office is the essential element to integrate into your decoration! For all styles and desires, it must be functional, but also enjoyable. Practical and functional, whether installed in the entrance, in a hallway, in the living room or in the bedroom, the office is essential for back to school. But it must also be nice with a nicely decorated space. Here are some ideas: (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/369295238173984470/“> (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/367747125806204916/“> (source:

  • Decorating ideas for Halloween
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    Decorating ideas for Halloween

    For this holiday where witches, bats, skeletons, pumpkins and other objects sometimes make shivers, the house is transformed both outside and inside. It is an opportunity to decorate while having fun and to go beyond the limits that one would not dare to cross usually. In front of the door to welcome the children, pumpkins, birds of misfortune or night, straw and shuddering objects invite themselves to your door. Everything is allowed as long as we arrange with taste! But we also decorate the entrances and the living room, sometimes in excess, sometimes in subtlety, according to the desires. Besides the Day of the Dead, Halloween is also autumn. Glowing…

  • Ideas for decorating and arranging a corridor
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    Ideas for decorating and arranging a corridor

    Transitional space, the corridor is often difficult to arrange and decorate. However, with a little idea, this narrow place can become a pleasant space, where you will not pass by chance. For those who do not have natural light in the hallway, opt for light colors. You will be able to have a console there, an old piece of furniture which will then be put in value on which will be installed vases or luminaries. The corridor is a place of passage where we usually do not stop. Transform it into a space where it is good to linger by installing a wall of photos, paintings. You can also create…

  • Latest decorating ideas before the new year
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    Latest decorating ideas before the new year

    Final preparations for New Year’s Eve! For those who have not yet prepared anything, or who wish to add some decorative touches to celebrate the occasion, here are some last-minute ideas. A spangle of glitter, some balloons, gilding, decorative accessories here and there, clocks, confetti, so many little things that you can add to the decoration of your evening. Masking tape will dress a vase, LED garlands can illuminate your table, paper decorations, banners, folds of original towels, you can perfect your decor by bringing your last personal touch. Some ideas : (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/493918284117146328/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/367395282085923489/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/489836896946283057/ ) (source: