• Ribbon house: design in Patagonia

    Ribbon house: design in Patagonia

    The studio G2 Estudio was recruited by two families from Tahiti in French Polynesia, to create a holiday home in San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia Argentina, to have a large integrated space for recreation, two centerpieces, two bedrooms for children, and all the equipment needed for a holiday home. The current residence of the owners is located on an island and the location of the holiday home has naturally been thought to be located between two rivers, surrounded by a beautiful landscape with: Cerro Catedral to the west, Sierra Ventana to the south, the Golf in the North, and a canyon with a stream and lush vegetation in the…

  • Italian showers: practical, design and functional
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    Italian showers: practical, design and functional

    Very fashionable in the bathroom, the walk-in shower is dreaming. Generally open and fully open to the bathroom, it does not include a pan and has an incline on the ground with all the evacuation elements at ground level, without steps. ) Elle permet toutes les envies et toutes les dispositions. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/121878733636077004/ ) It allows all the desires and all the provisions. True creation in itself, it can be tiled on the floor and walls, or covered with all kinds of water resistant coatings. Today there are many materials adapted and very original. It can be integrated anywhere even in the smallest spaces, can be installed at right…

  • Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington
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    Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington

    This tactile puzzle was designed by Jacqueline Tollington, a Canadian multidisciplinary designer, as a mapping aid for the visually impaired. The surface of the puzzle is a transcript of a topographic relief of city, region or country. These puzzles can be made on demand, whatever the desired relief, according to a laser cutting process. When the puzzle is over, visually impaired players have the opportunity to better represent the geographic location of their choice. This concept is still in draft form and is not yet commercialized. Very nice idea turned to a humanist design. (Photos credit: Jacqueline Tollington http://www.coroflot.com/jtollington )

  • Design Idea: a sweet and chic baby room for twins
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    Design Idea: a sweet and chic baby room for twins

    Twin Room A soft, gray and white atmosphere for this room welcoming two babies. The floor is covered with a light gray carpet. The walls have also been painted gray with the laying of gray and white striped wallpaper stripes with horizontal stripes. Two frames with baby drawings were installed in the center of each wallpaper, one for each child. Two wooden cradles with white bed skies were installed at an angle in front of each wallpaper to create a symmetry and break the usual straight layout. A white armchair was installed between the two cradles for the mother. Gray curtains were installed on the window and finally, a nice…

  • Design in the bathroom with towel warmers
    Decoration ideas

    Design in the bathroom with towel warmers

    Share Record +1 Practical, the towel is also fun. It takes curved or straight shapes and creates a graphic effect in the bathroom. Real element of decoration, it is at the same time functional and beautiful simply! ) (source photo: http://pinterest.com/pin/361132463839792565/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/275352964686729669/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/275352964686729663/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/275352964686729677/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/275352964686729666/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/484348134895004039/ )

  • Design curtains
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    Design curtains

    What is a design curtain? A curtain is not necessarily a large fabric hung on a metal structure. It is an object to delimit a room, hide the view of a window. The design curtain often mixes beauty, humor, simplicity and sometimes trompe l’oeil. It is found for all openings, of all types and for all media. The curtain design creates the atmosphere by its forms, colors or materials used. It is an object of decoration in its own right and explores multiple creative ideas. It is found everywhere, from the entrance to the bathroom as a shower curtain. Here is a selection of beautiful design curtains: , http://www.id-deco.fr/design/separation-piece.php ,…

  • Concrete "design" decoration
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    Concrete "design" decoration

    The concrete is no longer hidden. He participates in the decor of our homes and becomes even the flagship material of some interiors. Concrete is used on walls, floors, worktops, furniture and decorative objects. Beautiful and resistant, concrete is a raw material that can be worked with a certain know-how. Thus, we find decorative concretes, more concrete concrete, cellular concrete, or waxed concrete for furniture, floors and the walls. Concrete is present indoors, but also outdoors for terraces for example. Modern, concrete can be found in every room of the house with all kinds of finish. He is constantly reinventing himself. Having myself created concrete decorative objects ( http://flemarie.fr/design.php ),…

  • A Christmas tree for design: very trendy
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    A Christmas tree for design: very trendy

    Christmas is coming very soon. You want an original tree, design, trend, and especially different from the traditional tree. Your home decoration has been carefully studied and you want something else than a tree that loses its thorns, or even it must be cut down! The design invites you into your home with its very trendy design Christmas trees. Here is a small selection of design fir trees: (plywood fir from Australian designers Buro North) (useful tree signed Manuela Michalski) (Bright Christmas Tree Design Loetizia Censi) (source: Art and Pleasures Christmas Tree Bright 3D Design “Triangle”) (Sap’art, the Christmas tree design Yo creations) (Sap’art, the Christmas tree design Yo creations)…