• Crush: Handmade designer rugs in the image of Mother Nature
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    Crush: Handmade designer rugs in the image of Mother Nature

    This is the association of two designers, Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton. The two women present their second collection of hand-crafted rugs for Designer Rugs. In New Zealand wool, the carpets are entirely handmade with the guiding line, the floral motifs. The colors are bright, rich and intense. The reasons, they are giant! To discover ! The designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson (Photo credits: http://www.designerrugs.com.au/ )

  • Coup de coeur: Cube Tube, a designer ice dispenser
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    Coup de coeur: Cube Tube, a designer ice dispenser

    We love this ice cube dispenser design and really practical! Cube Tube is a project first realized using the technique of 3D printing which is being marketed. The project consists of a practical ice cube dispenser and design. In two parts, with a container and rack compartments for ice cubes, the concept is original, design and practical. It allows to distribute the ice cubes one by one without having to take them out of their container. Currently under study price, the project should soon be out soon. Heart stroke ! Learn more about the project: http://www.quirky.com/products/274-Cube-tube-ice-tubes/timeline

  • Designer bathrooms
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    Designer bathrooms

    Share 44 44 +1 Ideas to find inspiration to revamp your bathroom in a modern design style. Raw materials, space, purity and light, are the necessary ingredients to create a bathroom design. Straight lines, clean lines, raw materials or very smooth, these are the characteristics of a bathroom design. For those who have room, dare to have the shower or bath in the center of the room. Play with electric light and if possible, favor natural light with large openings to the outside. The shower or bath becomes the center of the room. Store! The place is important to create a zen and light atmosphere while elegance for moments of…

  • Favorite: A garden chair designed by designer Peter Opsvik
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    Favorite: A garden chair designed by designer Peter Opsvik

    We love this original garden chair, designed as a tree on which you climb to install. Playful and surprising. Heart stroke ! Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik has created the “Globe Concept” to create interactive furniture for public spaces. Its creation created no less than 30 years ago was relaunched by Moment AB. The chair is 1.7 meters high, with a rounded seat made of several spheres. Real curiosity and work of art, it is a blow of heart! (source: http://www.globeconcept.se/products.html#4“>

  • DIY: making a designer wardrobe for the entrance
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    DIY: making a designer wardrobe for the entrance

    A nice achievement with this piece of furniture created from a small low furniture and curtain rods. It’s the Wednesday DIY! The creators of ADC tendencies and inspirations have imagined in partnership with Le Bon Coin a designer wardrobe to create oneself from a repainted low furniture and curtain rods. An ingenious idea, functional and aesthetic, easy to implement in two hours for 70 euros. With a structure consisting of curtain rods attached to a wooden board, the furniture also hosts leather handles on which hangs the wardrobe bar. It’s the Wednesday DIY! (source: http://atelierdecuriosite.com/2015/12/diy-penderie-design-adc-x-le-bon-coin.html“>

  • DIY: designer lamps with clothespins
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    DIY: designer lamps with clothespins

    Like the creations of David Olschewski recognized for its ecological design based on recycling, create pretty designer lamps with clothespins. It’s the Wednesday DIY! Recycling, an object diverted from its first use and a bluffing result. To create your lamps, you will need wooden clothespins, a wooden base to glue on them, glue to stick them together, a socket, electric wire, plug and switch, a bulb. You will drill a hole on the base to pass the socket and the wire and stick the socket on the base. It’s the Wednesday DIY! ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/276971445811206493/ ) Learn more about David Olschewski: