• Ethnic inspiration
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    Ethnic inspiration

    If Africa makes you dream, whether natural materials like wood or stone inspire you, consider decorating in the ethnic style. Simple decorations with hot materials, objects brought back from travels or even large photographs will make you travel to the very heart of your decoration. Carved wooden furniture, statues, photographs, mix with natural materials like stone. Wood is the most represented material often highlighted by white, but natural warm colors or bright colors such as red or green are also represented. Softness and warmth come to warm the interiors and invite to travel. You can create an ethnic style from furniture, coffee tables, cabinets or seating, choose to incorporate objects…

  • Ethnic style in the interiors
    Decoration ideas,  Ethnic,  styles

    Ethnic style in the interiors

    The ethnic style is back in the decor. Warm, dark colors evoking the East or Africa, natural materials, printed patterns and organic forms, all of which will find their place in our contemporary interiors while adding a touch of ethnic style. Opposed to minimalism, ethnic style accumulates the objects brought back from travel. The atmosphere is warm, cozy and the materials are natural like wood, wicker, metal or leather. The colors are warm and deep and the shapes are rather round avoiding rectangular objects. Use patterns printed on cushions or bed linen but sparingly so as not to load the atmosphere and slice with other more neutral elements. You can…