• Favorite: floating shelves made of paper
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    Favorite: floating shelves made of paper

    Light as floating in the air, these shelves are design, original and fun at a time. Heart stroke ! A wall shelf that looks like a sheet of A4 paper floating in the air. Formed by a folding A4 format of steel plates, these shelves can be attached to the wall with a simple hook. Heart stroke ! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/58969076344922622/ ) , Photos by Yasuko Furukawa ) (Source: http://yoy-idea.jp/works/blow/ , Photos by Yasuko Furukawa)

  • DIY: making floating shelves
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    DIY: making floating shelves

    Share 382 Register 382 +1 You dream of floating shelves which we do not see the bindings to gain space, realize yours! It’s the Wednesday DIY! All you need is a little wood and some screws to make your floating shelves. Pretty, practical and ingenious, you can then paint them as you see fit. It’s the Wednesday DIY! ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/179862578845136265/ ) See the tutorial: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/131026670385244358/“> ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/328692472779716000/“>