• Wall lights: beautiful and functional
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    Wall lights: beautiful and functional

    Often considered decorative, the wall sconces are indeed decorative, but also functional. ) Pour toutes pièces de la maison, à l’intérieur, comme à l’extérieur, elles procurent lumière directe ou indirecte et mettent en valeur les objets. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/560346378607172142/ ) For all rooms in the house, indoors and outdoors, they provide direct or indirect light and highlight objects. To illuminate paintings, furniture or a specific object, the sconces can be used according to your desires. These can also illuminate downward, upward or both to highlight a wall angle, illuminate a mirror and bring bright spots to certain areas of a room. ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/29132728810841310/“> Today, wall sconces are everywhere: in…

  • Italian showers: practical, design and functional
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    Italian showers: practical, design and functional

    Very fashionable in the bathroom, the walk-in shower is dreaming. Generally open and fully open to the bathroom, it does not include a pan and has an incline on the ground with all the evacuation elements at ground level, without steps. ) Elle permet toutes les envies et toutes les dispositions. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/121878733636077004/ ) It allows all the desires and all the provisions. True creation in itself, it can be tiled on the floor and walls, or covered with all kinds of water resistant coatings. Today there are many materials adapted and very original. It can be integrated anywhere even in the smallest spaces, can be installed at right…

  • Dream bathrooms: functional and beautiful
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    Dream bathrooms: functional and beautiful

    Share 433 433 +1 This is a place where you spend a lot of time. The bathroom is the place of personal hygiene, but not only. It is also a place of relaxation, conducive to relaxation and intimacy. It is a room that we decorate and decorate today in keeping with its primary function. The bathroom can be opened on the outside, blind room (without window) or also serve as a laundry room with a washing machine and a tumble dryer. It can also be attached to a room as part of a master suite for example. Here is a selection of very nice bathrooms retro, baroque, or rustic to…

  • Coup de coeur: A multi-functional wall cabinet
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    Coup de coeur: A multi-functional wall cabinet

    Blow of heart for this multi-function wall cabinet. At the same time serving for the laptop, secretary for the computer and storage pockets. Heart stroke ! This beautiful furniture purified will accommodate your laptop, your keys, your computer … Minimalist, functional and space saving, it is also aesthetic and functional. To be placed in an entrance or in the living room, this piece of furniture is both decorative and practical. Heart stroke ! ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/538109855454245427/ ) Where to find it: http://www.werd.com/23613/podpad/