• Hotel Aire de Bardenas: prefabricated cubes in the middle of the desert

    Hotel Aire de Bardenas: prefabricated cubes in the middle of the desert

    The hotel AIRE DE BÁRDENAS, located in Spain in the south-east of Navarre, was built in 2008 by the architects Emiliano Lopez and Mónica Rivera, in the middle of a wheat field, near the Bardenas Natural Park. Built on one level, the hotel is perfectly integrated into the existing austere landscape. It consists of a set of small cubes scattered on the ground, taking care to preserve the peace of the place and the desert aspect of the ground. The spaces are organized around a central courtyard. With a tight budget, the architects chose a prefabricated solution and a combination of high-tech industrial purpose for the use of recycled wood…

  • Concrete hotel rooms!

    Concrete hotel rooms!

    If you find that all hotel rooms are all alike and you would like to find yourself in an unusual place, different … So opt for the concrete rooms! Unexpected, original, they will not fail to surprise you. Andreas Strauss, an Austrian designer, had the crazy idea of ​​transforming concrete pipes into hotel rooms. The designer ensures that sleep quality is greatly improved in these places, as concrete is an excellent thermal and sound insulator. If these rooms located in Ottensheim in Austria (Das Park Hotel) are unusual in their design, they also have the distinction of allowing customers to set the price of their stay, with a minimum all…

  • A chic hotel room and chocolate
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    A chic hotel room and chocolate

    Chocolate atmosphere for this hotel room. The floor is covered with linen carpet and the walls have been painted white. A niche was created to fit the bed; it has built-in lighting for localized light. The headboard is in brown padded leather. The curtains that dress the window are in chocolate color. A piece of velvet bed was placed in front of the bed. Under it, a large long brown carpet with white circles has been installed. It creates an impression of extension of the bed and structures the room by bringing a little lightness with its white circles. Finally, a chocolate luster was installed in the center of the…

  • An inspired hotel: The Gramercy Park Hotel
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    An inspired hotel: The Gramercy Park Hotel

    Located in New York, a place concentrates luxury, art, comfort and beauty. This is the Gramercy Park Hotel. It is also an art gallery, besides being a hotel. With its shimmering colors of red, blue and green, the warmth of the furniture with its velvet, padded leathers and tufted carpets, the place houses works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabe … A place out of the ordinary! (Source: http://www.gramercyparkhotel.com/ ) Floriane Lemarié

  • The art of making a bed worthy of hotel rooms
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    The art of making a bed worthy of hotel rooms

    For all those who dream of a cozy bed at once comfortable and chic, make your bed a welcoming and chic like hotel rooms. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/379217231104722804/ ) Choose sheets of good quality that you like. In cotton or linen, they must be pleasant to the touch to spend a good night. You can opt for sets including fitted sheet, sheet and duvet cover or sheet and blanket with a bedspread. To make your bed good, it must be impeccable. Sheets well drawn and equitably distributed. You can have several pillows and cushions, even a bolster. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/369506344409030821/“> For the summer, you can choose to put only a light…

  • Inspire yourself from hotel headboards
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    Inspire yourself from hotel headboards

    The charm of a hotel room necessarily goes through the decoration of the room. The headboard is a strong element since it is it that we see first. Centerpiece of the bed, it creates the decor, gives the atmosphere and brings comfort. Get inspired! Swaddled, with storage space, original, graphic, unusual, the headboard personalizes the space. It brings style, sets the tone for decoration and creates the mood. In all styles, from classic to country, from original to luxury, the headboard is particularly neat in hotels. And if you were inspired? Here are some ideas: , Hôtel Récamier – Paris) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/464222674069266296/ , Hôtel Récamier – Paris) , Hôtel Ruschmeyer’s,…

  • DIY: Making a hotel-style wall key ring
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    DIY: Making a hotel-style wall key ring

    An original idea to create a wall support for your hotel keys. From wooden boards and hooks, it’s Wednesday’s DIY! A nice idea to hang your keys in your driveway. Create your wall-mounted keychain like hotels where each key has its own location. From wooden planks, hooks and boxes or numbers (it’s your choice, or both!), You can make a beautiful keychain. It’s the Wednesday DIY! (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/621637554785091831/ )

  • EME Catedral Hotel, a hotel of memory and design in the heart of Seville

    EME Catedral Hotel, a hotel of memory and design in the heart of Seville

    Located in the heart of Seville, the EME Catedral Hotel mixes historic architecture with contemporary design. With its 60 rooms and common areas in an Andalusian-Arabic style inherited from the Spanish Golden Age, and facing the iconic Giralda and the Cathedral of Stanta Maria Reyes, the largest Gothic temple in the world, this is a hotel luxury combining historic and contemporary architecture, baroque and minimalism. (Photo credits © EME Catedral Hotel) This urban establishment, which offers unique services in the hotel industry, also hosts cultural and artistic events within its spaces to bring the activity of the city into a setting both historical and modern. l’hôtel comporte soixante chambres de…