• Salvador Dalí: a genius of modern art
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    Salvador Dalí: a genius of modern art

    Painter, sculptor, engraver, scriptwriter and writer. Just that ! Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), a Spanish national, is considered one of the leading representatives of Surrealism and one of the most famous painters of the 20th century. Complex and prolific, the artist is a master figure in the history of modern art, where personality, genius and excesses are found in his works. From November 21, 2012 to March 25, 2013, the Center Pompidou pays tribute to him by exhibiting his paintings, sculptures, drawings, but also his projects for the theater, films and photographs, as well as his ephemeral works. 200 works are exhibited. What to look out for! Here are some great…

  • Decorating idea: a chic and modern wooden kitchen
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    Decorating idea: a chic and modern wooden kitchen

    The floor is covered with a dark gray resin. The walls were painted gray as well and the ceiling was painted in darker anthracite gray to create a more cozy contrast and ambiance. The kitchen furniture is solid wood with a gray worktop. A central island has been created with the cooktop. Recessed spots illuminate the passageways and suspensions have been installed above the cooktop and above the bar. Finally, to bring a little sweetness to the room, a top element of the kitchen was chosen in white, above the sink, to light the kitchen. For the decorative aspect, a large wooden board of the same essence as the furniture…

  • Retro and modern: duo of shock in the decor!
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    Retro and modern: duo of shock in the decor!

    Want a retro interior? It is not always easy to decorate with harmony to get a retro vibe. Furniture is no longer mass produced and its cost is often high. However, if you have furniture retro look, take inspiration. By keys, allied to a modern decoration, you will be able to transform your interior into a real convivial place with the retro spirit. Choose furniture with simple shapes and clean lines for the modern touch and add a retro seat, a lighting or some decorative accessories, by keys without loading the decor. If you fancy a wallpaper with big seventies style, dress only one piece of wall. Do not choose…

  • Modern rooms
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    Modern rooms

    Share 47 47 +1 Upgrade your room! Style, elegance and especially lightness following a sleek look. These are the essential criteria for modernizing the room. Room where we spend a lot of time, the room must be functional, pleasant and comfortable. To sleep well, the head will be ideally located north or east, not too close to the window and door. The bed should be comfortable with firmness but also soft in welcoming sheets. The decor also has a lot to spend a good night and make the room welcoming. To modernize the room, choose modern materials like concrete why not and especially put away. A few frames here and…

  • Wooden kitchens, yes, but modern!
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    Wooden kitchens, yes, but modern!

    Share 778 Register 778 +1 When we say “wooden kitchen”, we often think rustic or other time, or old. However, the wood is back in the kitchen by opting for a modern look that can be associated with a contemporary style. Finish the rustic wooden kitchen of our grandmothers! Make way for the modern wooden kitchen! All dressed in wood, the kitchen has simple and clean lines where the wood is highlighted without molding or other artifices. The material is in the spotlight and the atmosphere is light and sober. Wood combines with paint and laminated materials, stone, metal or concrete for modern, functional and aesthetic kitchens. On the worktop,…