• Colorful salons!
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    Colorful salons!

    Are you tired of your neutral, well-behaved salon that seems a little sad? You want to break with gray, black or brown for your sofa, dare color! Not only reserved for large spaces or the most extravagant minds, the living room has its most beautiful colors to illuminate your living spaces. Dare is not only the preserve of the most talented decorators or creators. You too can dare the color. Your sofa or your living room will become chic and just as timeless as the neutral colors, while bringing a touch of cheerfulness and brightness in your living room. You doubt it? Here are some ideas: , en savoir plus…

  • Soft velvet salons
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    Soft velvet salons

    Share 948 Register 948 +1 With its soft touch, velvet brings comfort and warmth to the furniture. Pleasant, intimate and comfortable, it creates a cozy atmosphere by bringing texture to the furniture. Ideal for the living room it will please all styles. Chic, comfortable, soft and pleasant, velvet once considered “old” is back in the decor. Whether it is dark for a timeless and timeless atmosphere or with more frank colors to assert the style of the interior, velvet exists in all colors, for all tastes and all desires. On the cushions or on the sofa, velvet is all the rage, becoming trendy again and cozy. You be the judge…

  • Salons with a Moroccan atmosphere
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    Salons with a Moroccan atmosphere

    Share 12 12 +1 An invitation to travel, a touch of exoticism, colors and materials rich in colors and textures, the Moroccan style is chic in the living rooms. Get inspired by Moroccan design by combining it with contemporary style. Loan of history, the Moroccan style is rich. It evokes the sun, is inspired by Moorish influences while creating in the tradition. It integrates very well with simple and pure decorations or in the typical Moroccan living room, but also with more contemporary decorations. The objects, materials or patterns are used with care to bring a real added value to the atmosphere of your living room, with touches and lightness…