• Blow of heart: "Boulder Plate" alliance between stone and metal
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    Blow of heart: "Boulder Plate" alliance between stone and metal

    The studio of Spanish designer Andreu Carulla Studio realized this project for their client the restaurant El Celler of Can Roca in Catalonia. The realization of this project consists in choosing a rock in nature. This serves as a base for adapting the metal tripod. Each rock being unique, it is necessary to design each tripod so that it fits perfectly to the shape of the stone. The rocks owe their shape to the passage of water from the nearby stream. Here is a realization that integrates with nature! (photo credits: http://www.andreucarulla.com )

  • Stone on the walls
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    Stone on the walls

    Share 2K 2K +1 The stone is invited on the walls! Natural, durable, elegant and eternal, the stone brings cachet to your interior. With its irregular texture and unique colors, stone is undoubtedly the oldest material used in architecture. Durable, it is also elegant and lends itself to creating original decorations that are not without cachet. Romantic, country or contemporary, stone is natural in constructive system or stone facing for decoration on existing walls. No doubt, the stone will create an original atmosphere and bring depth to your room. It lends itself with taste to the refined and modern styles while highlighting a wall. Here are some ideas: ) (source:…

  • Stone in the bathroom
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    Stone in the bathroom

    Share 72 72 +1 For bathrooms that are both contemporary and authentic, go for the stone! Whether natural or facing, they provide a natural atmosphere and create different styles for all tastes and desires. Whether it’s natural stone or ornament, stone brings an interesting texture to a wall. Used sparingly, it creates a contrast with the whole. Be careful not to embed a mirror in the stone, it would be difficult to replace it if it is damaged, and remember to avoid water points to facilitate cleaning if you keep the natural stone. If you install it in the shower, consider protecting it, or choose imitation provided for the water…

  • Stone in the room
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    Stone in the room

    Share 76 76 +1 If you dream of a romantic or modern room but in an authentic and charming spirit, go for brick or stone! Whether natural or facing, the stone will bring character to your room in a decor that is both raw and charming. Natural stone constituting the foundations of your home, added or stone facing or brick, this material is a charm asset in your room. Whether you have a large space or simply a small room, the stone can be a deco asset revealing the touch of character of your room. If you like the American loft spirit, choose red brick or if you prefer a…