• Decoration: the trend "pencil stroke"!
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    Decoration: the trend "pencil stroke"!

    A bit like a sketch or a sketch, the trend is “pencil stroke”. A show of hands, simply, the drawings come to life on the wallpaper, on the tiles and even on the dishes. ) Mais loin d’être de simples brouillons, ces « crayonnages » deviennent véritables pièces déco et design. (source photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/464574517781379602/ ) But far from being simple drafts, these “penciling” become real pieces of deco and design. If designers surf on the trend “pencil stroke”, it is nevertheless possible to make your own drawings. With a little imagination and especially a pencil, you can “design” your walls, carpets, dishes and furniture. So be trendy, to your pencils!…

  • Gold trend
    Decoration ideas

    Gold trend

    Warm up your home with gold or touches of walleye. For a bright, chic and elegant decor, gold will marry with black or white, but also with color. Chic, elegant, bright, golden can be used on walls, furniture or decorative accessories. By keys and sparingly, it will be highlighted by objects, lights, furniture or on the walls. With black, gold will be chic, with white, elegant and with color, bright. The lights are adorned with gold, the furniture dress gold frieze or on the feet, and the walls adorn themselves with gold gently. Gold brings an original touch and also transforms an old furniture in modern and trendy furniture if…

  • Tropical style or urban jungle trend
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    Tropical style or urban jungle trend

    Want greenery and escape? Opt for tropical style or urban jungle! Plants, palette of greens and blues, natural elements, so many elements to decorate your home and immerse yourself in a soothing and lush universe of nature. Far from the paradisiacal landscapes of your holidays, you want nature and escape. This style is for you. But it’s not just an atmosphere, it’s also a way of life based on the sweetness of life, relaxation, relaxation, calm and nature. An anti-stress remedy in our urban environments. (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/395120567284212522/“> For your furniture, choose exotic natural materials such as hardwoods (bamboo, exotic wood, teak), wicker, rattan and you can also complement the decor…

  • Steampunk trend in the decor
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    Steampunk trend in the decor

    Steampunk or retro-futurism, the decor sometimes dresses more amazing but made with style. Between industrial style, retro, based on the anticipation of literary novels of the genre, Steampunk invades the interiors for truly original sets. Originally a genre in literature, Steampunk is a style that is in the atmosphere of industrial society of the nineteenth century. It includes the steam engines of the time and the style extends to the Victorian era. ) (Victorian style, source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/471329917223971928/ ) Based on the industrial revolution, it is also inspired by fantasy and anticipation. Steampunk is now widespread in many other areas such as art, music, design or decoration, where objects of the…

  • Decadent chic trend!
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    Decadent chic trend!

    No need to perfect the smoothing of your walls before painting! The trend is at “rundown-chic” or more commonly known as “rough luxury” style. Ambience decrepit walls, torn wallpaper, concrete half-painted or faded, the decoration is intended raw and trendy! The walls have an old look, damaged, decrepit to create moods both raw and trendy. You will no longer need to smooth your walls, repair small cracks or tears in your wallpapers. The paintings crumble literally, fading revealing the support. An idea that did not touch your mind? Well know that this style is fashionable, even trendy! You can find it in luxury decoration magazines where decorations are used but…