• Pop art: a vitamin decoration!
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    Pop art: a vitamin decoration!

    If you like the work of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein, the pop art style is for you! With these colorful paintings, these bright colors very characteristic, the pop art brings a vitaminized side to the interiors, where the colors explode and mix like works of art. The famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe are found on the walls with bright colors. Red, pink, blue, green, yellow, dress walls and furniture to create a very colorful and vitamin atmosphere. Here is a selection of beautiful decors inspired by pop art: , http://pinterest.com/pin/247838785716499293/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/498210777498240884/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/247838785716499312/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/498210777498240890/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/30751209926847014/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/204491639302359788/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/313985405240943863/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/46232333647383619/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/370210031839115596/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/230528074647376587/ )…