• Winter is here: where to install his chimney?
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    Winter is here: where to install his chimney?

    As the weather gets colder, what’s more enjoyable than being in front of a nice fire! Whether traditional, contemporary or design, fireplaces are true decorative elements in our interiors. They create the atmosphere of the living room. Several locations are possible: The wall chimney: installed against a wall, it can be placed on the cob, or double face, that is to say offering a vision of the fire on each side, or embedded in the wall or in a formwork. (Photo credit: http://www.jardindeco.com ) The corner fireplace: it s space and is very discreet. (Photo credit: http://www.casanaute.com/ ) (Photo credit: http://www.heatingemitters.com) The central chimney: Installed in the center of a…

  • You dream of magical places in winter: be "frosted"!
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    You dream of magical places in winter: be "frosted"!

    It’s cold outside and you dream of warmth, to snuggle under the comforter or by the fireside … I propose everything else: places all frostier than each other, icy and beautiful! Another idea of ​​winter! To make you dream a little, here are these splendid and fairy places: (Photo: The Schwarzsee Ice Palace in Switzerland, designed by artist Karl Neuhaus http://www.schwarzsee.ch/en/navpage-WinterFR-WinterActivitiesEN-176725.html) (Photo: Still the Schwarzsee Ice Palace, which offers an almost lunar landscape.) (Photo: Kemi Lumi Linna Ice Hotel in Finland.) (Photo: People visit the Harbin Ice and Snow International Film Festival http://www.chine-informations.com/guide/international-festival-in-glace-and-now -of-harbin_2510.html ) (In China, in Harbin, the International Festival of Ice and Snow Sculptures has existed since…

  • Winter is coming: warm up the atmosphere of your living room with a design fireplace, an alliance of tradition and modernity
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    Winter is coming: warm up the atmosphere of your living room with a design fireplace, an alliance of tradition and modernity

    Winter is coming … What’s more fun and comforting than sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace when it’s cold outside! True elements of decoration, but also functional, the chimneys warm the atmosphere of our interiors during the winter. For those who have a traditional fireplace, just put some logs in the fireplace and light a good fire to enjoy the warmth of this pleasant heating, settling comfortably in his sofa. For those who do not, there are alternative solutions to install electric or ethanol fireplaces. You can enjoy the beauty of the flames without having the inconvenience of a traditional fireplace: no smudges or smoke. The…

  • Autumn-winter 2014 colors
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    Autumn-winter 2014 colors

    We are at the doors of autumn. The light is decaying and the weather will become more gloomy. ) L’intérieur se veut douillet, avec des couleurs chaudes et douces, des matières nobles pour une ambiance scintillante, où les reflets des lumières et du feu de cheminée viendront danser sur les murs et les objets. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/206180489162343445/ ) The interior is cozy, with warm and soft colors, noble materials for a glittering atmosphere, where the reflections of lights and fire fireplace will dance on walls and objects. The colors for the fall-winter 2014-2015 will count with the return of the color taupe, gray, beige and yellow mustard, passing by the…

  • The winter garden: a garden in the house in all seasons
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    The winter garden: a garden in the house in all seasons

    Usually reserved for sunny days, with its greenery, flowers, sun and afternoon terraces, the garden is inhabited in spring and summer in essence. ) S’il apaise, l’hiver nous en prive alors même que c’est la saison où l’on a envie de se ressourcer, de se tourner vers les plantes et vers la lumière. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/473863192013995771/ ) If it soothes, the winter deprives us even though it is the season where we want to relax, to turn towards the plants and towards the light. So why not build a winter garden inside your house? No need for a greenhouse or conservatory to create a nice winter garden. The light is…

  • This winter, the Bordeaux is invited in the decor!
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    This winter, the Bordeaux is invited in the decor!

    The Bordeaux, with its deep and intense shades, knows how to warm the hearts in our interiors in this cold season! ) Mais si l’on aime le bordeaux, cette couleur ne se retrouve pas seulement sur la vaisselle ou sur les vêtements. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/207939707766211253/ ) But if we like Bordeaux, this color is not only found on dishes or clothes. She is now invited on furniture or decorative accessories. Do you like Bordeaux? You have colorful clothes with this beautiful warm and intense hue, or dishes … Today you can find the bordeaux on walls, furniture, lamps and also carpets! But not enough! Do not play the total look…

  • Winter gardens to change the atmosphere
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    Winter gardens to change the atmosphere

    Share 142 142 +1 It’s raining, it’s cold and you miss the greenery while waiting for spring. Why not enjoy the garden, warm in your home? The winter gardens will make you change your atmosphere! Under a veranda in the house or isolated in the garden, and even in your living room, the winter garden can be declined in large or small format depending on budgets and desires. Gigantic, small touches or vertical, the winter gardens invade the house to bring greenery and make you change the atmosphere while waiting to get out of the winter. Potted plants, trees and climbing plants, plant walls transform your home into a Garden…