• Terrace awnings to protect yourself from the sun!
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    Terrace awnings to protect yourself from the sun!

    If you have opted for an umbrella, you know how difficult it is to totally protect yourself from the sun. It must be turned according to the position of the sun and all the surface you need is often not covered. One solution, the terrace awning! Made of durable wood with tiles, wood with outer fabric, bamboo, aluminum, glass or even made by yourself, the awning has many advantages. It protects from the sun by covering a large area, but it also protects from the rain to enjoy the garden even when an unexpected shower makes its appearance. Wall mounted or movable, it is also deco to create a pleasant…

  • DIY: Make a carpet yourself
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    DIY: Make a carpet yourself

    For those who want an original carpet with the colors of their choice! Make yourself a beautiful carpet! From a pattern bought or made by yourself, recovered carpet falls, rope and double sided, create your carpet as you see fit. It’s the Wednesday DIY! Source and tutorial:

  • Inspire yourself from hotel headboards
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    Inspire yourself from hotel headboards

    The charm of a hotel room necessarily goes through the decoration of the room. The headboard is a strong element since it is it that we see first. Centerpiece of the bed, it creates the decor, gives the atmosphere and brings comfort. Get inspired! Swaddled, with storage space, original, graphic, unusual, the headboard personalizes the space. It brings style, sets the tone for decoration and creates the mood. In all styles, from classic to country, from original to luxury, the headboard is particularly neat in hotels. And if you were inspired? Here are some ideas: , Hôtel Récamier – Paris) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/464222674069266296/ , Hôtel Récamier – Paris) , Hôtel Ruschmeyer’s,…