The art of home staging
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The art of home staging

The principles of home staging

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a real estate valuation technique that allows you to sell quickly at lower prices.

Why Home Staging?

The sale is faster. Weaknesses are minimized and the property is located in the highest offers on the market, regardless of its value.

Technique of development, it gives a new breath of life to your house and values ​​it.

What are the principles of home staging?

1- Create an atmosphere

It is often enough to repaint a room to create a new atmosphere. Curtains must be taken into account to enhance the space. Light is very important, so be sure to bring in natural light.

2- Ranger

It is essential to enhance your interior. It is necessary to unclutter the pieces of objects or unnecessary decorations. You will create an impression of space. Objects too personal are to be avoided (photographs, etc …) so that future buyers can project themselves into their future home.
If you have a lot of furniture, do not hesitate to remove some of them to enlarge the space.

3- Clean up

It sounds obvious, but it’s worth remembering. The hygiene of the house is an important point when selling a property. Remember not to expose too much your pets and make sure to remove the odors they could release. It is essential that the atmosphere is neutral for your visitors. Your home must have a welcoming, fresh and clean appearance.

4- Renovate

It is not always necessary to renovate. However, the details like well-fixed holds, a wallpaper well glued, no holes in the walls, …, are really very important in the sale of a house. Buyers will be more interested in acquiring it. The two most important rooms not to be overlooked are the kitchen and the bathroom.

5- Redevelop

It will sometimes be necessary to arrange your furniture differently to take advantage of the size of the rooms. Do not hesitate to change your furniture instead.

6- Depersonalize

It is essential to depersonalize the premises by creating a neutral atmosphere. Avoid too marked moods and bright colors. The buyer will be able to project himself.

7- The outside

The outside of the house is the first thing that future buyers will see. Remember to look after the outdoor presentation.

The art of home staging

The art of home staging

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The art of home staging

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