The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen
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The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

The interior canopy , little sister of the removable loft-style partition offers lots of decorative ideas for a workshop-style kitchen. Fully customizable, the glass kitchen brings light and an industrial or retro decorative touch to your apartment.

Written by Nina Marini on 03/09/2016

If you don’t like the open kitchen , the indoor canopy is for you! For a few years, architects have been using it as a room divider in their kitchen decoration construction sites and thus bringing lightness and light to our apartments. Whether it is to delimit space, replace a partition, or simply because it is too beautiful, your glass kitchen will bring cachet to your home as soon as it is installed. Hyper trendy, the canopy is available in different styles and materials that will not stop surprising you. Déco Cool offers eight photos to inspire you and plan the layout of your kitchen!

The interior canopy brings character to any kitchen!

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

This interior glass roof gives an industrial style to the kitchen and contrasts with the white paint on the partition.

© Verrière Atelier d’Artiste
There is nothing simpler than this white kitchen : white base units, worktop in wood and credenza in blue earthenware tiles. However, the interior glass roof immediately brings cachet to your kitchen decor with this workshop atmosphere. Want to install the same at home? The manufacturer offers ready-to-install indoor canopy modules. From 360 €, Verrière Atelier Artiste.

Workshop airs in the kitchen thanks to the interior glass roof

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

This kitchen has no window: the glass roof lets in the soft sunlight inside for a natural feeling.

Seen on Pinterest
It feels like being projected into the bench of an artist with this canopy workshop that separates the kitchen from the living room. The base of the canopy serves as a support for a perfectly matched weathered wooden console.

The interior canopy to separate the kitchen from the dining room

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

With or without door, the interior canopy separates the kitchen for define the space and bring a contemporary decorative touch.

© Ikea
The interior glass roof is not unique to the decoration of an industrial kitchen ! On the contrary, the Scandinavian style is perfectly suited to glass lovers, provided they paint their uprights in white. Here we imagined a American kitchen which is not entirely open to delimit the space without partitioning. This tip is easily transferable to a small kitchen.

Separate the dining area from the kitchen with an indoor glass roof

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

Instead of a central opening, we opted here for two side entrances the width of a door.

Seen on Pinterest.
The kitchen canopy finds its place in chic country interiors by bringing it a little more authentic. We chose here square glass panels, more classic than the elongated crossbars of the workshop canopies that we usually see. A base and white woodwork bring softness to the dining area and blend into the decor of the living room.

A glass roof kitchen in a cozy and feminine interior

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

The interior glass roof can be painted in the same color as the woodwork (for example here the window) for a trendy decor.

© Frenchie Cristogatin
The downside of an open kitchen is that food odors spread throughout the house. Thanks to an interior glass roof installed in the kitchen, noise and odors are limited, especially if you opt like here for a model with a partition door. The glass door blends into the decor when closed.

An interior canopy brings light into the kitchen

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

Vintage style dark wood cabinets, cement tiles on the floor and canopy of interior: the look of this super trendy kitchen is easy to reproduce at home!

© Atelier 78
We chose here a semi-open kitchen, which however communicates with the living room and the corridor thanks to two superb canopies of different format. The layout of this c vintage kitchen is so elegant that one would not want to be deprived of observing it from every angle! The antique tile floor and the La Cornue stove can be admired from the kitchen canopy.

The interior canopy in the kitchen is also functional

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

Often placed under a window, the sink is placed here against the interior canopy for observe children’s activities from the kitchen when doing the dishes.

Seen on Pinterest.
Why not use the base of your kitchen canopy to hang the accessories you need? This creates additional storage and advantageously replaces a shelf. Hang baskets, trivets or tea towels on S hooks.

An interior kitchen canopy matching the glass front door

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

Maline, the interior canopy visually enlarges the space while separating the kitchen from the living room and echoes the front door.

© FJ Interior Design
A beautiful transition between the vintage cement tiles placed on the kitchen floor and the solid parquet in the entrance / living room. The interior canopy delimits a semi-open kitchen and emphasizes the demarcation between the two types of soil. In addition, it is logically easier to arrange your glass kitchen to close a loft space or an American kitchen than to break partitions … so we take advantage!

The interior canopy is decorative in the kitchen

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