The kitchen splashback: make your choice!
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The kitchen splashback: make your choice!

Formerly a simple necessity to protect a section of wall from splashes and other projections of grease, the splashback has been given a new look. It turns out to be a stylish decoration in its own right. It is available in various materials as well as ranges of decoration.

In the kitchen, the splashback is above all laid to protect the walls and worktops. Its maintenance must be simple and effective to guarantee proper daily use. Rest the pleasure of the eyes!


Newcomer to the credenza world: simple, elegant, transparent, it can be cleaned with a sponge. It is discreet between the sink and the hob – we would like to check that the splashback is in tempered glass resistant to a nearby heat source – and offers a sober finish that fits in any kitchen. We find it transparent, tinted.

The kitchen splashback: make your choice!

Disadvantages : its weight, since the tempered glass must be at least 6 mm thick. This can be a problem during installation or during transport. Its price remains quite high.

Stainless steel

Resolutely contemporary, it is the guest of modern kitchens and offers a professional cooking aspect. It will bring the small touch of impeccable finish so much sought in this functional room. Guaranteed effect. What’s more, apart from being in vogue, stainless steel blends well with other materials.

Hygienic, antibacterial, we choose brushed, satin or shiny. Its attractive reflection of cleanliness reinforces a careful vision of the kitchen.

Disadvantages : stainless steel becomes scratched over time and its uniform appearance, which is too smooth, can put off.


Without a doubt, a darling of the credence, it is resistant and economical. Tiling has serious advantages to assert. The models make you dream and catch your eye. They can be in the same way as grandmother tiles with an ecru background, alternating with tiles decorated with a fruit or a kitchen utensil. The small Metro style tiles meet a beautiful love rating with their tight and slightly domed deployment.

The kitchen splashback: make your choice!

Resistant porcelain stoneware, or authentic cement tiles, the splashback offers the luxury of decorating interstices, small lengths or great heights.

Disadvantages : fouling of the joints over time. The installation must be neat.


It sometimes takes second place in the choice of credenzas: wrongly, however. Indeed, its strengths are numerous. It is waterproof, scratch and impact resistant. It is easy to maintain because the material is compatible with conventional household products.

As for the bathroom, the laminate offers panels or sheets to stick water-repellent (treated against humidity) and is cut to the nearest millimeter depending on the location, making it the favorite of kitchen designers .

At a reasonable cost, it offers a multitude of colors and aspects: marbled, stone, granite, wood effect, speckled, plain, slate

Disadvantages [19459004 ]: it fears temperatures above 180 ° C and should not be placed near a hob


Always elegant and adorned with its natural aura, wood (beech, oak, teak) of all shades and all aspects, retains an authentic charm. It allows a warm and very aesthetic decoration.

Disadvantages : wood fears water and heat, can be scratched very easily. If its patina ages it nicely, it can also leave a stained, disappointing appearance over time.

The kitchen splashback: make your choice!


Ready to use in roll, it is the option credence / decoration / maintenance at low cost … But with a nice effect.

A very good material that fulfills its role without losing sight: the plastic is self-adhesive, self-adhesive and DIY enthusiasts can start laying during a weekend under the sign of kitchen renovation.

All the decorations are offered and the plastic offers variations of ranges from the most sober to the most graphic, rustic or vintage, all shades combined.

Disadvantages : its resistance is lower and it can come off under the effect of heat or repeated leaching

The kitchen splashback: make your choice!

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