The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas
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The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

                             The master bedroom is above all a place of relaxation, where you decompress and let yourself go in the arms of Morpheus. So what could be better than a Zen bedroom decor , inviting to relaxation? Neutral, sober colors, gray or white but also reminders of wood for the natural side. It doesn’t take much to create a true haven of peace in the bedroom. So relax and let yourself be carried away by these zen adult rooms!

Written on 13/02/2015 updated on 12/04/2016


A dream parental bedroom is a bedroom decor as soft as a direct call to relaxation. The Zen atmosphere can also be found in the adult bedroom to create a space of absolute tranquility. Wooden elements recall the zenitude of nature while the colors fill the atmosphere with a cocooning feeling. One thing is certain, to try the Zen room is to adopt it!


A master bedroom between gray and wood


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

A master bedroom with pearl gray walls with light parquet floors for a successful Zen atmosphere.


In this small master bedroom, the Zen atmosphere is felt from floor to ceiling! The light wooden floors warm the atmosphere of the room bathed in a delicate pearl gray . The original decoration above the headboard made of two pieces of driftwood adds a touch of subtle zen to the atmosphere. Little more in this adult room: The room separation from dressing room by a partition which makes it suddenly a original headboard . This adult room has absolutely no faults! Source: Pinterest.


An adult bedroom decor in the attic with Zen colors


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

A master bedroom under the eaves between light and black wood to create Zen intimacy.


In the attic, this cocooning room is adorned with a relaxing atmosphere thanks to a decor oscillating gracefully between black elements and light wood. This mixture of style and very trendy contrast colors goes perfectly with this low-ceilinged parent’s bedroom, creating a real space full of charm and chic. A Zen and modern bedroom, what more could you ask for? Source: Pinterest.


A gray adult bedroom to combine design and relaxation


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

Between Zen design and light, this master bedroom has everything to please!


An interior glass roof design to delimit the space of this adult bedroom and a brightness that enhances all the space, here are the charm of this room. Adorned with very light wooden floors, the gray color of this adult room highlights the decor brought by the many strong elements highlighting the Zen atmosphere of this bedroom. Carpets that seem to have been found in another country, a black and orange bed set and frames inviting to travel, all the accessories in this adult room mark their imprint on the general atmosphere of the room so that it floats above above the layer a soft Zen harmony. Source:


Chic decor in white in a master bedroom


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

It would almost feel like in a bubble in this white and zen bedroom!


As a bubble of cocooning sweetness, this white room with a refined design calls for rest. The predominant white color throughout the room gives it a sober and very trendy Zen spirit. The refined simplicity of the decor also offers a refined atmosphere in the bedroom. the high bed emphasizes the elegance of the furniture while the accessories, particularly the light fixtures, bring a modern touch to this adult room. An impression of cotton softness that makes you want to throw yourself headlong into the sheets! Source: Pinterest


A master bedroom playing on sobriety


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

Zen minimalism in this parental bedroom while sober.

 In this room minimalism reigns supreme. The bed stands proudly in the middle of the room while only a few elements complement the decor. On the wall painted in immaculate white, only a mirror and a few frames come to create contrast and dress the room. As for the plant, it brings a zen nature spirit to the room as well as the wall-mounted washbasin lights. Without artifice, this adult room offers a decor that goes to the essentials, right on trend. Source: Pinterest.

A Zen and designer parental suite inviting to relax


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

A master suite with industrial design, very chic design.


This parental suite with an industrial style decor is bathed in a relaxing atmosphere. The gray color that colors the interior canopy serves both as a headboard and as a separation from the bathroom and contrasts with the light gray floating parquet. The anthracite designer bathtub which can be guessed in the continuity of the bed strengthens the Zen and relaxing spirit of the room. One thing is certain; this room has a lot in mind! Source:


Chic decor in a large adult black and white bedroom


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

A duo of black and white colors full of elegance and finesse for a trendy master bedroom.


This master bedroom sees life in black and white! Perfect for creating a zen and elegant atmosphere, the zebra bed linen perfectly harmonizes with the other elements of the room on the white wall. The floor lamp, the pouffe, the decorative objects or even the frames give relief to the white parquet creating a sophisticated decoration all in delicacy. We love black & white glamor for a successful Zen room! Source:


A modern and Zen master bedroom with a total gray look


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

A modern bedroom with a total gray look and wooden floors for a Zen spirit.


The gray walls of this parental bedroom rhyme with modernity. The corners create a volume sublimated by the soft light of the designer wall lights. A large black and white table placed on the floor enhances the decor of the whole room while the dark wooden floors accentuate the zen and warm side of the room. A sophisticated adult room full of charm and modernity. Source: Pinterest.


The master bedroom has more to do with Zen ideas

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