Tile paint: the top 3 brands for walls and floors
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Tile paint: the top 3 brands for walls and floors


The arrival of tile painting made it possible to repaint his kitchen or bathroom without having to break everything. If this paint is ideal for repainting wall and floor tiles, it is imperative to do it with a good quality paint in order to obtain a perfect result and a lasting hold over time. To be sure of your choice, here is the list of paint brands that will give you complete satisfaction for repainting your tiles.

Written on 19/09/2015 updated on 30/04/2016


Tile paint, which one to choose?


Choosing a quality tile paint is the first step for anyone who wants to repaint tiling without worry.
Whether your project is to repaint bathroom tiles, credenza tiles or you need a floor tile paint for any room at home, the paint must guarantee a very simple method of application, that is to say, dispensing with an undercoat, or worse, a prior sanding of the tiles. They are called “ special tile paint “, with direct application without distinction of support: wall tile, floor tile and worktop in tile and kitchen splashback .
Also falls into this category for painting tiles resin paint which is suitable for all media too.


Why is the quality of tile painting essential?


When you have to repaint the tiles, the goal is clear: the paint should not flake, scratch or form cracks after a few months. It is also important that the tiling paint used is resistant to heat (oven area, hob, etc.) and has a perfect hold around damp areas (sink, bathtub, shower).


To find a paint that meets these conditions, we advise you to eliminate classic acrylic paints on tiles, which is applied after a special undercoat even if it is protected by a varnish, cheaper than paint tiles, but of lower quality.
Likewise, for 1st price tiling paint brands. Their application poses adhesion concerns, the layers are often to be multiplied to properly cover the tiling and their resistance over time is not reliable.
The 3 brands of tile paint to favor which offer paint ranges for wall and floor tiles:


Julien tile painting


Tile paint: the top 3 brands for walls and floors
© Peinture Julien
A paint for bathroom and kitchen tiles directly applied to earthenware tiles, porcelain stoneware, wall-mounted except on nearby areas from a heat source (oven and hob) or on a tiled work surface. High resistance to stains and humidity. This paint is applied in 2 coats spaced 24 hours apart. Available in gloss finish and 11 machine-dyeable colors. Julien Tile Painting, Price: 20.50 € 0.5L pot at Castorama.


Resin paint for Résinence tiles


Tile paint: the top 3 brands for walls and floors


© Peinture Résinence
Résinence offers a special resin tile paint known for its lasting hold on the repainted support. It consists of 2 products which are applied inseparably to guarantee the waterproofness and its impact resistance: Résinence Color, which as its name suggests covers the tiling with a layer of colored resin (28 colors) applied directly on the support. After drying for 8 hours, it protects with Résinence Finition. Price 25.90 €, Satin finish resin 300 Ml Resinence, Price 29.95 € at Castorama .


Tile painting v33


V33 declines several ranges of special tiling paints for walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens which have 2 advantages: Teflon is added to the paint at the time of its application to guarantee the hardness of the paint after drying and its power high washability. On the other hand, these paint collections are suitable for tiling as well as previously painted or rough walls.


V33 bathroom wall tile paint


Tile paint: the top 3 brands for walls and floors


© Peinture V33
A paint for earthenware, wall tiles and non-porous listel which resists hot / cold water temperature variations and supports the frequent use of cleaning products. Its resistance to water flow in wall and wet environments allows it to be applied to plastered walls or plaster tiles to replace tiles. Apply directly without undercoat, drying between 2 coats of paint: 12H, complete 72H. color chart 12 colors satin aspect, pot of 0.75L and 2L. Decolab paint Walls and wall tiles in bathroom 100% waterproof V33, Price 59.90 € / 2L at Leroy Merlin.


V33 floor tile paint


This paint is applied to floor tiles, sandstone, marble, concrete and offers excellent resistance to frequent passage (entrance, tiled garage, reception room …) It does not flake and is highly washable. Its application on the ground is done after washing and the passage of the Floor Preparer V33. This paint does not apply to a tiled shower tray or walk-in shower floor. Drying between 2 layers 6H, complete: 24H. Color chart 10 colors in Satin and Metallic aspect. 0.75L and 2L pot. 100% Interior Floor Paint DécoLab V33 Price 59.90 € / 2L at Leroy Merlin.


Veneer credenza tiling and work plan V33


Tile paint: the top 3 brands for walls and floors


© Peinture V33
A kitchen paint designed for kitchen tiles exposed to stains and grease thanks to Teflon® Technology and the heat source. Direct painting on tiles, earthenware, melamine and walls which avoids the installation of a splashback. To paint worktop tiles, it is imperative to apply the paintwork varnish LAB Deco in 2 layers after the passage of the paint in 2 layers to guarantee its resistance to shocks, (knives) temperature difference (hot pans ). Painting tiled walls, credenza, work plan 100% Anti-stain kitchen paint DécoLab V33 Price 59.90 € / 2L at Leroy Merlin .


Tile paint: the top 3 brands for walls and floors

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