Tiling painting to the rescue of the home staging kitchen
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Tiling painting to the rescue of the home staging kitchen

Do you know that tile painting is your ally to quickly sell your house? Indeed, for a top kitchen decoration thanks to home staging, repainting the tiles of your kitchen to make the buyer flash is unstoppable. Painting with or without undercoat or colored resin, our professional advice to relook your tiles at a low cost.

Written by Nina Marini on 03/09/2016

Real estate agents are well aware: an old kitchen is not vintage but dated, and can block the sale even when a [ 19459007] deco cuisine charming is one of the major assets for selling your house or apartment. A good reason not to risk missing out on a sale. To stay in a reasonable kitchen makeover budget, rather than changing the old-fashioned tiling, implement an operation home staging kitchen with a pot or two of tile painting and you can believe us, your kitchen will transform in a few hours for less than 100 €.

Tiling painting to the rescue of the home staging kitchen

Repainting your kitchen with gray paint on the furniture and white paint on the credenza tiles, an effective solution for a successful home staging in the kitchen .

Why use a tile paint in the kitchen?

Renovating the kitchen is one of the most expensive works. Paradoxically, it is the room that ages the most because of the water and grease that damage the tiles. Home staging kitchen does not require a big budget and quickly clears up. The paint can be applied to all types of tiles: ceramic, cement, sandstone, earthenware, etc. We recommend that you focus on the walls and the credenza. For the floor, prefer a PVC floor covering or very fine tiles (3 mm maximum). [194590006]

Which tile paint should you choose for your kitchen?

You have three options:

  1. Classic acrylic painting . It is inexpensive, with an almost unlimited choice of color. You will first have to degrease and sand the kitchen tiles and then apply an undercoat. The J7 tiling underlay, € 10.90 / 0.5L from Julien will give you excellent support for a lasting hold of the paint on the tiling. To be sure that the future occupants of your house will fully benefit from the renovation, be sure to apply a coat of colorless varnish once the second coat of paint is completely dry.
  2. Tile painting in direct application. This type of paint does not require sanding or undercoating, but the choice of colors is more limited, which is not disturbing since the basic colors are preferable in the case of an application of a paint on tiles laid in as part of a sale of his property. Painting Renovation of tiles and earthenware, € 59.95 / 2L, V33 .
  3. Resin. A little more complex to apply with its two components, it is also a very resistant direct application paint. Its price is a little higher than the first two, however the colored resin is undoubtedly the paint that hits the mark in the kitchen. She is also everywhere on decorative TV shows to revamp kitchens. Some resins even fill the joints of a wall tile or a kitchen splashback with tiling for a completely smooth result. Mineral coating, € 39.95 / 4kg, Resinence .

Design advice: If the kitchen furniture is also out of date, do not hesitate to repaint it at the same time as the tiling. The brands of technical paints like V33 or Tollens offer a range adapted to each of the supports present in the kitchen. Advantage: The paint color charts are designed to create a harmonious palette of colors between kitchen cabinet paint and that of tiling.

What color for my kitchen tile paint?

Choose a paint color for tiles that matches the decor style of your home! The possibilities are endless, but to sell your property with an attractive kitchen, it is better to stay in a neutral color register so that your kitchen will appeal to a larger number of buyers. When home staging is done in a kitchen, neutral colors (white, beige, black, taupe) are the most popular, even for tile painting.
However, to present a modern kitchen, especially if it is not open to the living room, you can also bet on a red paint on the tiled splashback associated with white walls or furniture because the red kitchen fits in a kitchen decor that always wins a good audience.

Expert advice: Tile painting allows you to give your kitchen a makeover on the cheap. However, in order not to hide the misery, it is important that each of the stages of preparation and application of the paint is respected! Count a weekend to do your painting work, which is nothing, so do not miss this opportunity to sell your house at the right price and quickly.

Tiling painting to the rescue of the home staging kitchen

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