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The toilets lend themselves to daring decorations, even funny and original. Why not dare to the end?

For these toilets, the chosen colors revolve around fuchsia pink, mauve and black.
The tiling has been preserved, but the walls have been repainted in mauve over a good part, while vertical purple lines accentuate the impression of height on the upper part of the walls.
The bowl was dressed with a pink fuchsia flap. The tiling behind the washbasin has been repainted in pink as well. On the same wall, a black Baroque wall lamp illuminates a baroque mirror.
The opposite wall was covered with a wallpaper representing toilet paper. Two decorations, one blue for men, and the other pink for women, bring a touch of humor into the room. A pink carpet comes to dress the tiling, while a black metal chandelier illuminates the room.

And here is a cheerful and bright piece, which does not take itself seriously!

WC Pep's

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