White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style
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White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

The white kitchen makes everyone agree! Whether you choose a modern or traditional decor, whether you prefer lacquered or matt furniture, renovating your kitchen in white is always a bet. Bet on the total white look or bring a touch of color with paint, a nice tiling or accessories that give character to your kitchen decor: impossible to go wrong!

Written by Nina Marini on 03/09/2016

White is the winning bet for your kitchen decor : neutral color that evokes purity and cleanliness, it lends itself to all personalizations and all styles. Whether it’s a brand new white kitchen, or a major kitchen renovation , white is and will remain a safe bet. Far from being monotonous, this non-color is available in an infinity of tones and materials to satisfy all your decorative desires. Today, Déco Cool offers you 10 inspirations of white kitchens for your next creation, whether for an open kitchen or closed kitchen.

White cuisine plays on authenticity

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

Lack of taste is impossible with this classic and functional white kitchen with lots of storage.

© Castorama
To avoid monotony, this all-white kitchen plays on the effects of matter with cupboard facades decorated with frames. The matt white appearance is timeless and easy to maintain, and the price of this Castorama kitchen is super attractive. The decor idea in addition: paint a wall in color with washable paint. Kadral COOKE & LEWIS cuisine, from € 539 depending on location, Castorama .

Country chic spirit for this white kitchen

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

Your decorative touches reinforce the authentic style of your white kitchen: do not hesitate to have it authentic dishes or flowers in a porcelain pitcher.

© Ikea
This chic white country kitchen brilliantly mixes old and new. White avoids the old-fashioned rustic style and gives character to a small kitchen. Some details to respect to recreate this atmosphere: a subway tiling , off-white cupboards more softness, grooved facades craft style and beautiful old crockery on a wooden display. Metod kitchen with Hittarp doors and facades, from € 399 depending on location in the new Ikea kitchen catalog .

A classic white kitchen with glass cupboards

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

The glass cupboard doors of this white kitchen highlight your dishes: watch out for clutter !

© Siematic
White lights up your decor! In a room with little natural light like in this kitchen, this is the perfect color. In addition, we installed backlights in the false ceiling, spots in the glass cupboards, neon lights at the top of the kitchen splashback to see what we are cutting and eating . White also highlights your dishes and your brass collection in this trendy kitchen. Fine Arts Kitchen, price on estimate, Siematic

A white cuisine bistro style Parisian revisited

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

patterned floor a good decorative idea to give originality to an all white kitchen!

© But
This kitchen with white decor is easy to arrange thanks to boxes of different widths. Two tall glass elements, placed one on top of the other, take advantage of your dishes as an element of kitchen decor. And as cooking must have room in its kingdom, you have many work plans to prepare meals. All at a very low price! Kit range, Ivory model, from € 599 depending on location, Purpose .

Playing contrasts in a white and black kitchen

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

Black chairs, suspensions, sink and oven give rhythm and break the monotony in this white kitchen.

© Schmidt
If you fear that the layout of an all-white kitchen is too monotonous, pick among these good decor ideas: cupboard doors and drawer fronts with grooves; a credenza in patterned tiles (here in cement tiles matt); furniture that plays on the contrasts of black and white. Also, don’t hesitate to choose a wooden worktop to avoid the white monochrome effect. Artwood Linea line, price on estimate, Schmidt kitchens .

The ultra contemporary white lacquer kitchen

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

The central island delimits the preparation area and the dining area in this white kitchen so contemporary that ‘it becomes almost futuristic!

© Cuisinella
A kitchen that plays the card of white from floor to ceiling, why not? Here, the optical effect is stunning since the kitchen floor is actually gray. We love the glossy white surface of these kitchen furniture with integrated handle that allows you to insert your appliances. Cuisine Look, from € 3,307 depending on location, Cuisinella .

Lacquer and wood for a contemporary white kitchen

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

The decor of the Art Nouveau canopy and the solid parquet bring warmth to this kitchen with white lacquered elements.

© Schmidt
Wood and lacquer make up an elegant and contemporary marriage in this white American kitchen with dining area integrated. The U-shape houses numerous storage and bookcase compartments to look after your kitchen decor and integrate it into the living room. A dining area is arranged on a geometric wood-colored worktop that contrasts with the brilliant white. Strass Eolis range, price on estimate, Schmidt Kitchens.

The white kitchen thought of as a central island

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

If you are planning complete renovations and you love to cook, why not place a white kitchen at the center of your living room?

If you want an open kitchen , white is the best choice to integrate it with the rest of the house. The oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher are built into a carbon-colored niche. The rest of the white kitchen blends perfectly with the layout of the living room thanks to its clean lines. Price on estimate, Kitchens PERENE .

A white and yellow kitchen that bends to your desires

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

Lemon yellow decor accessories come to bring a vitamin touch to this kitchen an immaculate white.

© Leroy Merlin
Are you still hesitating between a closed or open kitchen? We have found the solution with these sliding doors that allow you to contain odors inside your white kitchen, or to mingle with guests who are in the living room while you prepare dinner. White gives freshness to the kitchen as well as to the living room. From € 629 depending on the location, Leroy Merlin .

The Scandinavian style invites itself into the white kitchen

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

The integrated handles bring originality to your white kitchen: ask your kitchen designer, there are several models!

© Ikea
A kitchen of a matt white and slightly broken associated with wood, it is a trend straight inspired by the Nordic countries that we love for its contemporary and welcoming side at a time ! Laminate floors and a checkerboard rug add even more personality to this Scandinavian white kitchen. Metod kitchen with Märsta doors and drawer fronts, from € 629 depending on location, Ikea.

White cuisine confirms its trendy decor style

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